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The entertainment industry club is an apprenticeship program training local youth members in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Connecting with Industry Professionals serving as guest speakers; allowing youth members the opportunity to ask questions and network. Industry Professionals serve as guest speakers at events and youth have the opportunity to ask questions and network. Youth also gain out of club experiences that provide exposure to the disciplines in action. In-Person studio talkbacks are also held with industry creatives regarding various topics related to their creative career paths along with job shadowing opportunities for multiple areas including: 




Song Writing

Sound Engineering

Broadcasting (Radio/News/Podcast) Filmmaking

Set Design Marketing/PR

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Big Sean and his Mother and Educator Myra Anderson have combined their expertise to give students a powerful learning platform through the Sean Anderson Foundation. 

Mogul Prep was developed by entertainment industry professionals and seasoned curriculum authors and is available to schools nationwide. Mogul Prep combines the sizzle of the entertainment industry, rigor of the education industry and leverages the credibility of Big Sean as a student influencer to make behind the scene careers relevant and exciting.

Educators and students have access to over 100 hours of common core and CTAE aligned curriculum including, 7 modules and more than 20 lesson plans.

photos by Zeno Jones


On Saturday, November 07, 2015, students from ten metro Detroit high schools came together for the Sean Anderson Foundation’s inaugural Mogul Prep event.

Conceptualized by board members Sean “Big Sean” Anderson and Myra Anderson, Mogul Prep gives high school students an intimate opportunity to engage with active influential members of the music industry. In an open forum, the students are able to discuss the emerging career paths and challenges arising across the music business.

In this first event, each panelist came in from either Los Angeles or New York, to spend the day sharing insight and answering questions from students eager to find out how they may pursue a career in the music business of today and tomorrow.

Starting at 10a, students arrived for a VIP Breakfast made possible by In Kind Sponsors Little Caesar’s, Wing Stop, Coca-Cola and the event host facility, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, MI. After dining, students were escorted to the auditorium for photo ops with Big Sean, before the Mogul Prep panel began.

Event highlights included:

  • Ally Financial Check Presentation of $30,000

  • Group Check Presentation of $65,000 (from additional sponsors including: UAW Ford, Real Times Media, Fratarcangeli Wealth Management, Detroit Lions, MGM Grand Detroit, PNC Bank, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy)

  • Guest Speaker: Shaka Senghor

  • Patrice A. Massey announcement of Michigan Chronicle’s new 2016 award/honor for Sean Anderson Foundation President Myra Anderson

Moderated by Shawn H. Wilson, the 2015 Mogul Prep panelist included:

  • Courtni Ashbury

  • Dennis Ashley

  • Towalame Austin

  • Lindsey Lanier

  • Chaka Pilgrim 

  • Maurice Slade

This event would NOT be possible, without the dynamic work put forth by the Mogul Prep Host Committee including Myra Anderson, Shawn H. Wilson, Jason Tinsley and Will Smith.

We thank our supporters, media outlets, event volunteers, sponsors and partners for making this event possible! Together, we will continue to build this event as an educational resource that provides students with valuable knowledge and tools to use/apply towards their interest and curiosity into career pathways within the music industry.


  • Ally Financial

  • UAW Ford

  • Real Times Media

  • Fratarcangeli Wealth Management

  • Detroit Lions

  • MGM Grand Detroit

  •  PNC Bank

  • Detroit Riverfront Conservancy

…and our 2015 In Kind Sponsors

  • Little Caesar’s

  • Coca-Cola

  • Wing Stop

  • Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

photos by Rashon A. Massey



In 2015, the Sean Anderson Foundation formed a very special partnership with Project Knapsack ( ). Founded by Porcha L. Dodson, Project Knapsack partners elementary and secondary students in the United States with pen pals in Africa; moreover, the schools on the developing side of the exchange receive new backpacks filled with school supplies via Project Knapsack and the organization’s partnership with Staples.

As this partnership continues to grow and expand, you can check this page for updates including an archive of links to blog posts, photos and more!


“Creating Change One Backpack At A Time”

About the PROJECT KNAPSACK and Sean Anderson Foundation Partnership:

Being that this partnership is so special and unique, we wanted to make sure that the Sean Anderson Foundation’s community of supporters were able to fully understand the scope and magnitude of this relationship. Thank you to our dear friend and ally in positive change, Porcha Dodson (Founder, Project Knapsack), for taking the time to do an interview with us here at the Sean Anderson Foundation.

“Project Knapsack Delivers Supplies to Students in South Africa”

“Sean Anderson Foundation Continues Partnership with Project Knapsack” 

We are excited to share that we are continuing our partnership with Project Knapsack and their global backpack exchange program! 

“Sean Anderson Foundation Visits Students at Bates Academy” 

Our Executive Director,  Myra Anderson, and fellow Board Member Brett Anderson of the Sean Anderson Foundation visited fourth and fifth grade students at Bates Academy, as a part of our ongoing partnership with Project Knapsack Inc.

“Big Sean, Myra Anderson Receive Awards from Project Knapsack” 

Our Executive Director,  Myra Anderson, and fellow Board Member Brett Anderson of the Sean Anderson Foundation visited fourth and fifth grade students at Bates Academy, as a part of our ongoing partnership with Project Knapsack Inc.

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